The System is available and upgradeable
from 1 TO 5 Megawatt

  • Certified highest quality components.
  • Unique security concept.
  • Investor money-back guarantee.
  • Operations and maintenance contract.
  • Almost maintenance-free service life of 40 years.

  • Emission-free, silent and sustainable power generation.
  • Integrated cost-effective ecological engineered solutions.
  • Innovation, rewardable ecological and economic gains.
  • Collaborative of engineers, architects, researchers and project managers
  • Built reputation for providing innovative, sustainable strategies, strategic management and planning to building supervision.
  • Completion of a 1 MWp installation within a period of 2 months time.
  • Energy supply for 1000 households.
  • Required area: approximately 3 hectars.
  • 7 m2 for generation of 1 KW electrical Power.
  • Long-life and maintainability.

  • Attractive investment returns.
  • Legally guaranteed yields over decades.
  • Ecologically sustainable investment.
  • Active contribution to climate protection.
  • Professional project development together with local and international partners.
  • Comprehensive warranties on all system components.
  • Comprehensive insurance of the system against all conceivable risks.


Macael, Spain 2008

Nominal Capacity 1.650 kWp
Total Yield / year 2.310.000 kWh

Soleto, Italy 2009

Nominal Capacity 999 kWp
Total Yield / year 1,448,550 kWh

Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia 2011

Nominal Capacity 999 kWp
Total Yield / year 1,028,970 kWh

Lequile 1, Italy 2010

Nominal Capacity 997 kWp
Total Yield / year 1,445,650 kWh

Doha Land 1+2, Qatar 2011

Nominal Capacity 464 kWp
Total Yield / year 732,192 kWh

Crnomelj 3, Slovenia 2011

Nominal Capacity 810 kWp
Total Yield / year 874,368 kWh

Crnomelj 2, Slovenia 2011

Nominal Capacity 704 kWp
Total Yield / year 753,280 kWh

Crnomelj 1, Slovenia 2010

Nominal Capacity 881 kWp
Total Yield / year 942,670 kWh

Satov, Czech Republic 2010

Nominal Capacity 2.495 kWp
Total Yield / year 2.569.850 kWh

Mercadillo, Spain 2008

Nominal Capacity: 2.066 kWp
Total Yield / year: 3.718.800 kWh

Zorenci 1+2, Slovenia 2011

Nominal Capacity 1,342 kWp
Total Yield / year 1,435,940 kWh

Lequile 3, Italy 2010

Nominal Capacity 997 kWp
Total Yield / year 1,445,650 kWh

Lequile 2, Italy 2009

Nominal Capacity 999 kWp
Total Yield / year 1,448,550 kWh

Collemeto1+2, Italy 2011

Nominal Capacity 1,990 kWp
Total Yield / year 2,885,500 kWh

San Vito, Italy 2011

Nominal Capacity 2,928 kWp
Total Yield / year 4,245,600 kWh



Consulting & Research
  • Head office in Vienna.
  • Powerful, aspirational ideas.
  • Ecology in the spotlight of all projects.
  • Planning, design and procurement solutions for built environment.
  • Energy-efficiency and renewable energies through integrated and strategic planning.
  • Designs stand in harmony with nature and offer aesthetic and state of the art technologies.
  • Independent company representing client’S interest.
  • Innovation by use of latest technologies paired with functionality and aesthetics for sustainable solutions.

  • Production in Austria.
  • Modules from KIOTO which came in 2nd place at the well-known PV magazine “photon” module test.
  • SMA inverters, which are among the most efficient in the world and which also guarantee a long life-time and maintainability.
  • Innovative technologies developed in-house.
  • Production process highly automated.
  • Precision from start to finish and eliminates any fluctuations in quality.
  • From materials receipt to delivery, production is subject to a three-stage end-to-end control.

  • Headquarters in Sankt Veit an der Glan.
  • Using best components available on the market worldwide.
  • HILTI mounting structure which not only deliver their high quality product, but also do the soil study for us and in this combination are able to calculate and guarantee the load conditions for the structure (depending on local snow- and wind loads).
  • Application in detached houses to industrial systems and solar power plants for supplying power to entire communities – all over the world.

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