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About ACE Academy

The ACE Academy is a learning platform for sustainable building and energy systems. The ACE Academy addresses the building industry, energy technologies and policy measures.

The ACE Academy combines multi-disciplinary research with entrepreneurial activity to give participants the skills and knowledge needed to develop innovative solutions.

The ACE Academy is dedicated to future Sustainable Energy Systems and taps into the knowhow of top scientists and entrepreneurs from the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (www.eseia.eu)

The ACE Academy provides participants with the necessary knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to turn dwindling fossil resources and the challenge of climate change into a chance. The high level training covers the whole innovation field from sustainable energy resources to efficient infrastructure to rational provision of energy services.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Energy Efficient Strategies
  • Passive solar design
  • Healty & sustainable building materials
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Water Conservation and Waste Management
  • Building energy codes & policy measures
  • Technologies-Standards, testing & certification