Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Renewable Energy Markets

Renewable energy is evolving rapidly into an important and fast-growing branch of the international energy picture. Supported by favorable political parameters in Europe and under pressure of growing international efforts for sustainable solutions for growing global energy demands, regenerative energy forms are expanding on a worldwide scale.

The ACE Group is actively involved in the development and implementation of innovative renewable energy technologies and the policy and market tools supporting renewable energy applications. We work closely with our industry partners, with research facilities and energy agencies to determine best possible market solutions. We develop and implement market studies, campaigns and pilot actions nationally and internationally.

Energy Performance Certificates

The Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) requires that all EC-Member States enact legislation by 2009 requiring Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to be made available for new buildings and buildings being sold or rented.  From first-hand experience in the building sector, ACE Group experts are knowledgeable of the legislative and practical implementation of the EPC or Energy Passport in different national contexts.  ACE Group experts have collected and documented best practice examples in Europe and abroad.

Further, ACE Group experts are knowledgeable of international green building certification programs which include energy performance criteria including the U.S. Green Building LEED and the BREEAM Certification.

Energy Class Labeling

A comprehensive scale by which consumers can compare the energy requirements of different products (appliances, mechanical systems or buildings) can provide an effective market incentive for energy efficient investment.  Reliability in the rating is essential to maintain consumer trust; standardized testing and certification of products, training and certification of auditors, calculation methodologies and software tools are all necessary to ensure consistency.   ACE Group experts are knowledgeable of the legal, market and human capacity requirements for rolling out successful labeling and certification programs on a national scale. Our consultants have delivered training for governments and building sector stakeholders, have evaluated auditing and labeling programs and have developed national energy label programs for a number of countries.

Financial Mechanisms

Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments are known to provide long term cost savings and increased indoor comfort but the initial costs are often a hurdle for building owners and developers.  Government subsidies or revolving funds supporting loans for EE investments can help spark the initial movement in EE and RE markets.  Energy Auditors and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) can evaluate building EE investments in terms of costs and payback then provide the structure by which these measures can be realized.  ACE Group provides consultation for governments and stakeholders to develop the ideal financial mechanisms most suitable to the national context.

Building Codes and Standards

Building codes are one of the most effective mechanisms to increase the long-term energy efficiency of buildings. The Energy Performance Building Directive (EBRD) requires EU Member States to enact and enforce building codes based on whole building energy performance. Each Member State is required to set – and tighten – the energy requirement limits for new and renovated buildings. Standards and calculation methodologies determined at the European level have been adopted by each Member State ensuring consistency across borders. Strong building codes and widespread compliance can reduce wasteful energy expenditure and enable substantial efficiency savings.

ACE Group advocates better building codes through code design, development, training, research, outreach, and advocacy. We collaborate with numerous national and regional organizations to make building standards more effective worldwide.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Low energy and passive house technologies need not be expensive.  Further, they can provide long-term cost savings and comfort.

ACE Group has been actively developing and realizing energy efficient buildings through integrated building design for over 20 years.  Our experts know the technical requirements, the payback and effectiveness of Energy Efficient measures both individually and in combination with other measures.  Through research into technical solutions and end user behavior, we constantly find ways to refine the effectiveness of proven EE measures. Our experts provide technical training and workshops for building professionals.

Pilot Projects

Pilot projects are an effective tool to demonstrate EE technologies and to transfer know-how to local building stakeholders.  The choice of building and technologies and the quality of the implementation are all essential ingredients to promote an update of the measures.

ACE Group has realized flagship EE pilot projects in Austria, the Czech Republic and Iran and has developed building EE pilot projects for development projects in Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia and Russia.

Training and Workshops

Our range of services includes organizing and delivering of training sessions and workshops in low-energy and passive house building or renewable energy technologies. Presentation material is structured to illustrate the measures and technologies within a holistic design approach.

Our experts have lectured at conferences and universities worldwide.  We respond to the needs of the target audience to ensure the effective delivery of know-how.

Project Design and Development

Developing viable projects requires an in-depth understanding of the existing context – this includes existing infrastructures, legislation and capacities.  Project targets must be attainable and the activities required to realize these targets must be clearly structured and result-oriented.  Risks need to be identified early according to probability and severity, and realistic solutions for each risk prepared.  Finally, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms with milestones must be in place at project outset to ensure result-oriented implementation.

The ACE Group has developed, implemented and evaluated building EE projects for UNDP/GEF.  We are an active partner in EU funded research projects dealing with building energy efficiency and renewable energy applications.

Energy Pricing Policy and Subsidies

Maintaining artificially low energy tariffs works against market driven EE investments. When the payback period for building EE improvements exceeds 3-6 years, the consumer has little of no incentive to invest.  At the same time, changes to energy tariffs are a delicate political issue with sensitive social ramifications.  Finding a middle ground which enables EE markets to develop requires stakeholder input and innovative solutions.  ACE Group experts are experienced in dealing with government and other stakeholders to develop policies and programs which encourage EE investment. With the ACE Group you have an independent and responsible partner to develop solutions which support diverse interests and targets.

International Best Practice

Shaping the future of energy supply and demand means integrating energy efficiency into national policies, adopting proven technologies, training energy and building sector professionals and supporting market transformation.  Combining action and research, ACE Group experts are developing realistic solutions based on proven practice.

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