As pioneer in the design and construction of green buildings, low‐energy and passive‐energy buildings, as well as energy efficiency in terms of construction, Dr. Lari has presented many speeches.


Short summary of lectures and presentations by Dr Adil Lari

  • Lecture on Macroeconomic & Global Reasons for Renewable Energy, AACC Forum, 2013
  • Lecture on Architecture and Sustainability, Epoka University, Tirana, Albania 2011
  • Energy Saving in Historically Valuable Buildings Conference, Prague 2010
  • CESB10 – Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building, Prague 2010
    Lecture abstract
  • EuroSun 2010 – International Conference on Solar Heating, Cooling and Buildings, Graz 2010
    Lecture abstract
  • IRAK Solarenergy-Conference 2009
  • Third International Urban Planning Conference, Ajman, 2009
    Lecture abstract
  • Green Construction Workshop, Russia 2009
  • Europa und CIS Umwelt und Energie-Gemeinschaft Praxis-Workshop, Bratislava 2009
  • Solar Energy in Continental Croatia, Zagreb 2008
  • Development of a Low Cost Collector using Alternative Materials, Iran 2008
  • European Conference and Cooperation Exchange on Sustainable Energy Systems for Buildings and Regions, Vienna 2005
    Lecture abstract
  • 4th Congress on Energy Conservation in Buildings & Renewable Energies , Iran 2005
  • Baltic Conference on Energy Efficient Performance in Housing, Latvia 2004
  • International Conference on Sustainable Building and Solar Energy,  Brno 2001
    Lecture abstract
  • Tenth European Symposium on Ecological Construction, Vienna 2001
    Lecture abstract
  • Austria Days on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, Kiev 2001
  • Ninth Symposium for Thermal Solar Energy, Germany 1999
  • Haustec  International Trade Fair for Heating, Air Conditioning and Sanitation, Salzburg 1999
  • User Behavior Plabutsch, Austria 1999

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