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Publications by Dr. Adil Lari

In the course of his career, Dr. Lari also has published literature at national and international level. His expertise in the fields he focuses on, brought to paper, find an echo among his colleagues. He has published scientific essays and also books. His books received funding by the Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs and also by scientific institutions.


Solar Housing Development Plabutsch, 1999

This is the publication Dr. Lari produced to present his project “Solar Housing Development Plabutsch”. This housing development project was realized in the years between September 1997 and March 1999. It was the result of a scientific research project Dr. Lari created, which represented a milestone in terms of green buildings and ecological construction. The construction company “neue Heimat” funded the realization of the project, because it represents a huge step in terms of energy optimizing in construction. Today still, it is a benchmark project, which is used as example when evaluating other projects of the sort and was the beginning to setting new standards in terms of green buildings. The solar housing project and the information in this publication has been cited and reference has been made to it numerous times by scientists, other architects, construction companies, but also governmental organizations.

The solar housing development Plabutsch, was built between the years of ’97 to ’99. The concept that makes this apartment complex as economical as it is in terms of heating energy needs is described in this information booklet and consists of technological elements, elements of planning as well as architectural and elements in terms of construction. The conditions of the building lot were utilized in a way that allows for optimum use of the sun’s radiation and the situation of the building on the hill was used to allow for most efficient as possible use of the preconditions present. The information booklet is in both, English and German.

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Press about this project:

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  • Publication about Plabutsch within Initiative “2000 Environment Protection Report”: Article PDF
  • Reference to Article that Cites Publication from Fraunhofer Website: Link

Easy Ways for Saving Energy, 2003

This brochure was written and published by Dr. Lari. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment sponsored it. In terms of energy saving, this brochure is innovational, because it presents various methods and strategies that require neither expensive technology nor long periods of time to perform. This publication is cited several times. One of the entities citing it is the Fraunhofer institute, which is one of the leasing research institutions regarding construction and everything that has to do with it. This publication was funded by the public housing association “Neue Heimat” and appeared in an edition of 60.000 copies. It was sent to all private households in Austrian State Styria, in order to increase the efficiency of heating there.

The publication highlights the fact that energy saving measures already begin in the planning and construction phases of a buildngpoject. After that, optimum figures in terms of energy needs can be achieved by making efficient use of the appliances and present conditions. The correct behavior when airing the apartment or using the blinds to get shade from the sun. The determinative factor is the enduser and his or her behavior. With the correct end‐user‐behavior energy can be saved in any apartment without having to reduce the level of comfort. Consciousness regarding energy does not only potentially save money, but also adds to reducing emissions. The brochure aims at informing those interested of simples, but scientifically proven facts and recommendations that reduce the heating needs.

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Press about this publication:

  • Information about Publication on Website of Fraunhofer Institute: Link


Scientific Surveys

Impact of the User‐Behavior ‐ Securing of the
Energy‐Optimization ‐ Solar Settlement Plabutsch,1999

This publication was written by Dr. Adil Lari. It was sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment. Other members of the working group are; a.o. Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Wolfgang Streich (University professor), Johannes Ebner (architect), Matthias Kummer, Doris Strohmeier and Judith Wolfframm. This publication is cited by the Fraunhofer Institute, which is a leading research organization in Europe. Among others, Dipl. Ing. Dr. W. Streicher, a leading expert in the field or architecture and also professor at the Austrian University of Technology in Graz cites this work in his own publication which he produced as assignment from the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology, which also funded the publication, as part of the initiative “Sustainable Development”. This publication was produced in an edition of 1.000 copies.

This publication is about the research project regarding the consumer‐behavior in terms of heating energy. Due to the fact that the levels of energy use in buildings which include solar technologies vary strongly, it is necessary to study and evaluate the behavior of the consumers, in order to be able to determine the actual demand of energy used for heating. Because of the presence of solar technologies in these homes, the consumer‐behavior is the most determinative factor when calculating the demand of heating energy. The aim of this research project is to determine the effect consumer behavior has on the demand for heating energy.

This scientific research project consists of five stages, which are as follows;

  • Dynamic simulation of the building
  • Dynamic simulation of the apartments intended for measurements
  • Evaluation and presentation of the theoretical results in the form of a user‐guidebook for the
  • Measurements in the apartments and of the outside preconditions
  • Interpretation and analysis of the measurements and validation of the simulations
    The evaluations and interpretations will be presented to the residents in the form of a users‐guidebook.

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Press about this publication:

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Scientific Essays

Czech‐Austrian Energy‐Partnership – Strategies for Ecological Rehabilitation of Panel
Buildings, 2001

Czech‐Austrian Energy‐Partnership – Strategies for Ecological Rehabilitation of Panel
Buildings – According to the Example of the Settlement Kamenný Vrch in Brno – Nový
Liskkovec, Czech Republic

The tenth European Symposia for Ecological Construction was held in Vienna in 2001. The topic in 2001 was “Ecological Construction in Europe in Practice”. The conference was hosted by government bodies of several European nations. The speakers invited to contribute to the conference; one of them was Dr. Lari, are all accredited experts in the field and were invited from all over Europe.

The Symposia serves as a platform for professionals from the occupational group construction, to exchange information, inform themselves/others of innovations in the field and to assess and discuss common issues. The speakers invited are all experts in the field and have produced achievements which are exceptional and gained valuable expertise. The conference is an opportunity for the small group of experts to share their valuable experiences and knowledge with other professionals. Dr. Lari was one of them.

The cooperation of the different nations at the symposia, contributes to implementing the multinational professional exchange and multi‐national cooperation into practice. In the years before 2001 the main focus of the conference was to define the term ecological construction and to develop visions how to implement it in practice. In 2001, though the idea was to develop accepted solutions and tools for the implementation, thus, Ecological Construction in Practice. The focus of the conference has shifted from theoretical to practical.

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Examination and Verification of the Consumer-Behavior in the Apartment Complex Bergstrasse, Graz / Competition Austrian Prize for Domestic Architecture 1991

The document was published as part of the ninth symposium on thermic solarenergies at the monastery at Banz in Germany. The publication’s topic is the study Dr. Lari performed regarding the user-behavior in terms of energy consumption in the settlement in Graz, Plabutsch . The objective of this project was to be able to determine the effects the users’ behavior has on the level of energy consumed. Some of the factors that can influence the consumption of energy and which are used as factors for measurements are; ventilation, number of people in the household and when they are there, utilization of the fins and curtains by the windows, thermal loads, average temperature in the building, and the level the temperature sinks down to during the night and how long it takes to reach the desired temperature again the next day.

The evaluation follows in several phases which consist of measurements of the heating systems, as well as documentation of the residents’ consumption behavior. The research project is supported by several cooperation partners and the University of Technology of Graz functions as scientific support. The aim of the research project is to develop strategies for saving energy by means of consumer-behavior in low-energy houses and also to discover possibilities of saving energy which are independent of the consumerbehavior.

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