Scope of Services

We offer a wide range of services in the field of ecological engineering. These include ecological solutions in the field of structural engineering, building systems engineering as well as administrative and evaluating activities.

Scope of Services

We offer a wide range of services in the field of ecological engineering. These include ecological solutions in the field of structural engineering, building systems engineering as well as administrative and evaluating activities.

Structural Engineering

Modern structural engineering is not only concerned with stability of buildings but also with serviceability and durability. We not only calculate the stability of the sections but also their distortion and performance under exceptional circumstance. It is, of course, possible to visualise these results and to present them in an intelligible manner.

Building Systems Engineering

The field of Building System Engineering is of great importance, particularly with regard to sustainable energy politics. In spite of a rising awareness of sustainability issues and advances in technologies there is a considerable energy potential yet to be exploited in heating. We are all called upon to step up and use the earth’s limited resources conscientiously; our team is ready to support you with state-of-the-art technology in order to reach this goal.

Building Thermal Physics

First and foremost, buildings are supposed to protect people and objects from the elements. To fulfil this function, buildings and construction components require certain physical characteristics: thorough thermal protection, soundproofing, moisture proofing, and fire protection. But use of material with ideal physical characteristics does not ensure a durable edifice.  In order to achieve optimal effectiveness, the building systems selected must perform well independently but also in combination with the other building systems.

The ACE Group covers a wide range of services in the fields of thermal insulation, soundproofing, acoustic solutions as well as solar protection. This includes:

  • Monitoring building thermal physics at the planning stage
  • Organising the construction with regard to legal requirements and regulations in accordance with the planner
  • Testing and evaluating the building thermal physics in the design phase
  • Writing expert reports on thermal protection and soundproofing as well as on measures taken to prevent overheating in summer months
  • Drawing up reports on building thermal physics for local communities (e.g. reports on ventilation systems in underground car parks and garages
  • Calculating the energy index and compiling necessary energy directives
  • Continuing support in building thermal physics during the planning phase
  • Reviewing and approving the construction assemblies with regards to thermal quality
  • Testing and checking the building thermal physics in the course of the construction process
  • Arranging for final inspections of the HVAC systems

Additionally, we provide you with energy-efficient solutions with the use of solar power for all kinds of buildings (residential premises, offices, schools, baths, sports parks, industrial buildings, etc.)

Our portfolio includes:

  • Drafting economic renovation concepts
  • Economic analysis
  • Informing clients about public funding opportunities
  • Construction documents and specifications
  • Permit application and execution planning
  • Applications for funding programs and energy grants
  • Project Management with exporting companies
  • Local supervision during the renovation process
  • Cost control
  • Accompanying supervision and approval after completion of renovation
  • Calculation and final account of funding

Acoustical Engineering

In addition to performance data of machinery and equipment, the generation of noise is more and more an important issue at the workplace and in the neighbourhood.  In order to achieve maximum performance at a minimum noise level, we assist you in indentifying and evaluating the situation at your place of work and in its immediate vicinity.

Renewable Energy

In the face of climate change it has become indispensable to reduce CO2 emissions, to seek alternatives to fossil fuels and to invest in renewable energies. Moreover, the use of alternative energies can result in economic benefits. The ACE-Group comprises expertise in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, geothermal energy and energy-efficient building services engineering. The most cost effective solution for building energy demands is integrated planning.

The ACE Group acts as a general planner in the field of architecture, project management as well as structural and mechanical engineering. We cooperate successfully with the UNDP-GEF and realise projects for example in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Armenia and Hungary.

Some of our latest projects include the renovation of Palenáks in the Czech Republic and the preparation of an action plan to improve the environmental friendliness of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, in 2014.

Moreover, the ACE Group is involved in the development of the DEARSUN-project, a storage system for solar thermal energy, which provides household heat supply for a whole year (residential heating as well as hot water production) without having to rely on any other heat source.

Projects: DEARSUN, Sochi

Security Systems Engineering

In accordance with your building needs, we will undertake the planning and implementation of security systems for your building – be it of private or commercial use –and connect it with the entire system technology. We provide for failsafe security solutions that are clever and reliable and meet the state-of-the-art in science and technology.

Urban and Regional Planning

Our planning aims at a site-specific, architectural design consistent with the given functional requirements, economic indicators and the ecological situation. From the start, environmental and climate protection are effectively integrated in the planning and design process and realised with sustainability in mind. 

Landscape Architecture

Landscape planning means truly grasping and capturing the atmosphere of a certain location, spot or region, interpreting it and shaping and designing it sustainably. This calls for procedures which assess the best use and capacity of the location. Innovative design is combined with wide experience in excellent technical solutions, reaching from open space planning to parks and gardens.

Infrastructure Planning

There are many aspects involved in planning transport facilities; traffic development and innovation, road safety, traffic flow, user satisfaction, landowners’ and residents’ needs, noise pollution, loss of agricultural land, and ecological aspects.  In addition, regulatory requirements and legal regulations have to be complied with. We offer you full support in defining the requirements of transport infrastructure, in developing optimal solution strategies, in undertaking feasibility studies, and comparing costs and benefits. It is our aim to provide you with the most effective and economic solutions.

The ACE Group is concerned with ecological planning and building with regard to infrastructure and the general supply network. This includes road construction, rehabilitation of motorways, the new transport system “Cable Liner”, bridges, sewer system, and pedestrian zones.

Examples of projects are the pedestrian and bicycle lane on Danube Island, Vienna, as well as the Madinat Al Arab, UAE.

Green Technologies

The renewable energy market has developed dramatically and continues to expand due to the rising costs of fossil fuels. As a reliable and independent consultant, we are at your side to guide your endeavours. Our innovative and reliable measures can provide you with sophisticated and customised solutions for environmental protection. Decades of experience has enabled us to offer you assistance and support in the construction and maintenance of even the most complex projects.

Traffic Consulting

We provide both private and public contractors with advice and support in all aspects of regional and local transportation planning, which is considered an integral part in urban planning. Alongside mobility considerations, we focus on urban design quality, ecological and economic aspects. We consult and accompany our clients in all phases of the project, from the design of the initial concept to the fully-developed and customised planning of the project. Our team will also see you through the negotiations and political processes. Innovative methods and state-of-the-art techniques are applied to fulfil your needs. This enables us to offer sustainable, environmentally friendly and regional transport solutions which ensure efficient mobility and spatial planning.

Construction Supervision

We coordinate and supervise the erection of buildings and the activities of specialised consultants. The meeting of planned deadlines, the compliance with plans and contracts, technical regulations and governmental requirements as well as the artistic and technical requirements are particularly important to us. We negotiate with building companies, coordinate all services and deliveries, supervise the required quality with trade contractors, check all invoices and receipts for completeness and conformity with the contract and register the warranty periods of all contractors. Finally, we attend to the ascertaining of deficiencies and their rectification and coordinate the final approval of the construction works and hand-over to the client.

Energy Performance Certificate

Since 2009 an energy performance certificate is obligatory for all kinds of buildings when they are sold or rented. This certificate documents the energy performance of the building under standardized parameters. As an indicator of the buildings expected energy performance, we can provide energy certificates conforming to national and EU standards. These include a complex calculation of the energy demand of the entire building. As independent energy consultants, we will be happy to assist you and provide you with energy performance certificates of any kind.

Many legal proceedings demand the presentation of a neutral certificate. The ACE Group provides you with certificates in building thermal physics (thermal insulation, condensation protection, soundproofing, acoustic solutions, requirements regarding residential characteristics in summer), as well as structural engineering (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas and water installation).

This includes

  • Writing reports on thermal and noise protection
  • Energy performance certificates for building permits
  • Energy performance certificates for existing buildings
  • Expert reports on deficiencies in building energy performance and building thermal performance (e.g. damaged caused by condensation, dampness or mould)
  • Expert analysis of technical installations in buildings
  • Approval certificates for car-park ventilation
  • Legal opinions relating to heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, installation technology, and building thermal physics
  • Approval regarding building construction and thermal quality

Ecological Procurement

For us, ecological building implies an endeavour to ensure that the property meets user needs without causing any negative consequences on the environment. This suggests that the building should be integrated in the natural cycle of materials and resources. Sustainable building must consider the environmentally sound procurement of raw materials, work force and equipment. The ACE Group is constantly looking for the ideal ecological approach which also integrates a sustainable approach to procurement.

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