Our projectlist offers an introduction into the wide range of sustainable buildings the ACE Group builds.


Green Master Plans

  • Action Plan for Greening Legacy in SOCHI 2014, Russia
  • Madinat Al Arab, UAE
  • Kademieh Green City, Bagdad
  • „Hügel-Entwicklung in den Emiraten“, Dubai, UAE
  • Sustainable Living, Amman University
  • „Souks Wettbewerb“, Beirut Lebanon
  • CityScape Ajman, UAE 2008
  • Thalhammergut Mehrfamilienhaus, Salzburg Austria
  • City planning Southeast Graz, Austria
  • „Carfree“, Bamberg, Germany
  • “Zu Hause in der Stadt”, Graz Austria
  • “Kälbernes Viertel”, Graz Austria
  • “Sturmplatz”, Graz Austria


Low-Cost and Low-Energy Residential Developments


Public Buildings


Sustainable Tourism


Logistics & Industry


Ecological Renovation and Restoration

Vision becomes reality