Die ACE Group bietet umfangreiche Expertise in vielen Bereichen an, von Architektur, Urbanes Design und Innenarchitektur bis hin zu Forschung und Entwicklung solarer Technologien.


The ACE Group possesses know-how and expertise in the following areas:

  • Architecture, urban designs, interior design, kitchen design
  • Structural, mechanical, ecological and electrical engineering
  • Energy related consulting, market change, renewable energy markets
  • Research, solar technology, end user behavior, development

In order to guarantee best possible results in the energy consumption analysis, we create dynamic simulations of the building energy performance. This simulation is used to calculate heating and cooling loads as well as annual energy needs and to optimize building systems regulation. The simulation ensures that the energy potential is thoroughly considered from the design phase to the realization of the project.

We aim to maintain this high level energy performance after project completion. We use computer programs to analyze energy consumption and determine the building system schedules in order to guarantee a constantly high performance level.

Vision becomes reality