Areas of Expertise

The ACE Group offers a wide range of services in the field of research and development. These include solar technologies, energy and environmental management as well as passive house technologies.

Areas of Expertise

Solar Thermal & PV Technologies

The ACE Group has a large pool of experienced experts in the field of solar thermal and PV technology. In cooperation with international organizations and partners around the world, the ACE Group aims to constantly improve and optimize solar thermal and PV technology. Dr. Lari is considered an expert in this area and shares his knowledge in trainings, seminars and workshops. Moreover, he is a highly regarded author of books on his research and has continually been working on the development of these technologies.

Heat Storage & Control Systems

In order to maximize the potential of heat storage systems, the ACE Group is involved in ongoing research projects in this field. As far as control systems are concerned, research results point out promising solutions and, as a state-of-the-art office, the ACE Group will successfully realize the most recent developments.

Monitoring End-Use Energy Efficiency

End-user behavior has a significant influence on energy efficiency in modern low-energy houses. Only a responsible handling ensures achieving energy savings.

Low-energy houses do not only save energy – they also offer a more comfortable standard of living. The ACE-Group carries out research on end-use energy efficiency and develops concepts which enable the end-user to improve energy efficiency and to lead an ecologically responsible lifestyle.

As a pioneer in researching and improving end-user behavior, Dr. Lari holds seminars and workshops, gives lectures and works as an independent consultant all over the world.

Energy and Environmental Management

An ecological modernization of the economy and environmental protection has become an absolute necessity. We are primarily working on the development and implementation of measures which are essential for a sustainable use of energy resources.

In this matter, we work closely together with our project partners in order to develop the most efficient processes and technologies.

Zero-Emission Cities

We concern ourselves with research into the policy objectives and practical challenges which are faced in realizing the vision of zero-emission cities. The existing basis is then analyzed and evaluated and we explore both the technical/economical and the “soft” potentials for reducing emissions. We also consider possible forecasts and scenarios. To realize these zero emission visions, we work closely with international organizations and industry partners. As pioneers in sustainable architecture, we have made the realization of zero-emission cities a priority.

Ecological Renovation

The renovation and revitalization of an existing building is a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency and indoor quality but can also mean a more sustainable and cost-effective building which also takes the environment into account. For decades, the ACE-Group has focused on ecological renovation. Through our international networks we are able to pool best practices and constantly gain new input. Our integrated approach enables us to develop and implement energy efficient planning and building concepts for new constructions and the renovation of existing buildings.

Know-how and decades of experience combined with thorough technical expertise and an efficient utilization concept are the key prerequisites for ecological renovation and restoration.

Passive House Technologies in Renovation

The ACE-Group considers low-energy and passive house technologies essential considerations for architectural design. They enable us to offer global solutions for the professional construction of energy-efficient buildings. We carry out research considering the questions of position and orientation of the building, choice of building materials, insulation and air tightness, as well as necessary and useful building systems engineering (particularly for heating, hot water production, ventilation and shading). As a result of our comprehensive research in technology, we are able to provide energy-efficient renovation or constructions, which offer more comfort, better indoor air quality, pleasant temperatures in summer and low energy costs.

Employing photovoltaic systems we turn these buildings into PlusEnergyBuildings, which can generate their own power and even deliver excess energy to the grid. As pioneers in the field of sustainable building, with the ACE-Group you have a partner by your side that competently deploys the latest research results in practical applications.

Energy-Efficient Social Housing

There is a great potential to save energy in the rehabilitation of existing social housing. At the same time, these renovations increase the indoor comfort and quality of life for the building users. The ACE-Group aims to contribute to the decision-making process by offering low-cost technical solutions which are economical and easy to implement. These solutions help to stimulate the market and increase the number of renovated buildings.

One of our main goals is to develop and implement integrated building design for energy-efficient and sustainable social housing.

For one such project (Solar Housing on Plabutsch), Dr. Lari received the Austrian National Housing Design Award and has gained a reputation as a pioneer in energy-efficient housing.


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