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Reininghaus Quarter 12/Graz – 2nd Place Urban Design Competition

The ACE Group has won 2nd place in the urban design competition Graz Reininghaus Quarter 12. The proposal comprising 464 apartments, 2 schools and modest commercial area foresees a C-shaped closed-block structure surrounding a generous courtyard. The concept defines and reinforces the eastern edge of the central park at the heart of the new urban development of Graz Reininghaus.

Competition Reininghaus – Quarter 3/Graz

2nd Competition Stage

The concept of ACE Group under Dr. Adil Lari for the open Austrian-wide two-stage competition for the realisation of buildings for multi-purpose use (2015) is based on a clear separation between two attic floors with half-open free spaces above each as well as below intended for various purposes. On top of the two-floor plinth area along the esplanade accommodating trade, craft, offices and services, there are seven floors for residential use with very efficient multiple way-access to public infrastructure.

Recognition Award for Construction of Educational Campus Wien Berresgasse

In accordance with the requirements of a central public building in the urban development area Berresgasse/Ziegelhofstraße,ACE Group under Dr. Adil Lari created in 2015 a strong and clear educational campus with a serial sequence of equal parts, structured and eased by inside courtyards and loggias, with convincing inner logic of the room succession addressing all functional problems in the details.


UNDP Belarus 2015

Improving EE in Residential Buildings in Belarus

Dr. Lari was contracted as International Consultant on Building Energy Performance Certification. The assignment was to provide best practice examples and recommendations for a building energy performance evaluation and certification system in Belarus.

AACC Forum

AACC Forum – Renewable Energy Solutions for the Future

As part of the Renewable Energy Forum – Solutions & Innovations organized by the Austrian-Arab Chamber of Commerce Dr. Adil Lari held a presentation on 14.11.2013 on Macroeconomic & Global Reasons for Renewable Energy.

Project Qatar 2013

Austrian Consulting Engineers Group is presenting at Project Qatar, the 10th annual exhibition for building and environmental technologies in the Doha Exhibition Centre from May 6 to 9.

Net-Zero Energy Home – Vienna

The swimming pool as thermal storage

The home is located in the Vienna hills on a sloped site with excellent south exposure. The exterior walls and roofs are super-insulated and air-tight to limit heat loss. The south facade is completely glazed and fitted with exterior adjustable blinds and overhangs; this enables generous solar heat gains in winter and adequate shade in summer.

Parliament Baghdad Awarded Design

The Iraqi government invited a select group of international and regional architects to submit designs for its future parliament. The structure is billed as an embodiment of a new sovereign Iraq. Among the over 100 participants, including Zaha Hadid, the design by ACE Group was awarded a prize.

Vision becomes reality