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  • Reininghaus Quarter 12/Graz – 2nd Place Urban Design Competition Sustainable Architecture , News , June 2017 quartierthumb

    The ACE Group has won 2nd place in the urban design competition Graz Reininghaus Quarter 12. The proposal comprising 464 apartments, 2 schools and modest commercial area foresees a C-shaped closed-block structure surrounding a generous courtyard. The concept defines and reinforces the eastern edge of the central park at the heart of the new urban development of Graz Reininghaus.

  • UNDP Mauritius 2017 Energy Policy Consulting , News , March 2017 Mauritius

    Removal of Barriers to Solar PV Power Generation in Mauritius

    Dr. Lari of the ACE Group led the project Terminal Evaluation of this UNDP/GEF project which was designed to accelerate sustainable on-grid PV electricity generation in Mauritius by leveraging $17.5 million in private sector investment over a four-year implementation period.

  • UNDP Romania 2016 Energy Policy Consulting , News , July 2016 new-romania-2

    Improving Energy-Efficiency in Low Income Households and Communities in Romania

    Dr. Lari acted as Energy and GHG Monitoring Consultant to complete an analysis of the effective energy and GHG emission reductions delivered through the GEF project activities over the lifetime of the measures implemented under the project.
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  • UNDP Armenia 2016 Energy Policy Consulting , News , April 2016 news-undp-armenia

    Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings

    ACE Group led the Terminal Evaluation of this UNDP/GEF project which was designed to reverse the existing trends and reduce consumption of electrical and thermal energy and associated GHG emissions in new and restored, primarily residential buildings in Armenia by creating an enabling regulatory environment andbuilding skills and capacity among industry professionals to introduce the principles of integrated building design in Armenian construction practices.
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