Aktionsplan für Sochi 2014

Das UNDP/GEF Projekt in Vorbereitung auf die Olympiade 2014 in Sochi, Russland umfasst die Entwicklung einer Strategie und eines Aktionsplanes für die Ökologisierung der Winterspiele.

Aktionsplan für Sochi 2014

Russia 2009 – ongoing

UNDP/GEF Project Greening 2014 Sochi Olympics is a Strategy and an Action Plan for Greening Legacy. During the joint preparation of PIN and MSP documents for GEF funding applications, responsible for review of existing legislation and capacities, building surveys, energy and CO2 savings calculations with verification protocols and identification of pilot projects. The project was approved and started in 2009.

Dr. Lari  also presented energy simulation tools, design methods for better heating purposes in buildings, insulation methods, ventilation, different solar heating and cooling systems as well as energy consumption regulation methods for tenants and guide books for practical use.