Delivery bases for leading mail service

Delivery bases for leading mail service


To speed up delivery of letters, Austria’s leading service provider inmail carriage, Österreichische Post AG, is expanding its regionalstructures. In the course of the restructuring effort, the Austrian ConsultingEngineers Group ZT-KEG has been assigned as the general planning groupfor new delivery bases (“PZB’s”).
Bases are built in the provinces of Upper Austria and Salzburg, servingas regional focus points to allow a speedier delivery of letter mail tohouseholds. The individual projects – area is in general between 500 and 1,300 square metres.
The bases are steel frame constructions surfaced with sandwich panels in white aluminium. The design is characterised by functionality and permits the building of delivery bases to extremely tight schedules.

The interior of the delivery bases contains the postmen’s hall withsorting tables, the supervisor’s office, and secondary rooms such assanitary facilities and coat rooms, as well as a lounge, an engineeringplant room, and facilities for incoming mail.

The roof construction is heat-insulated and designed as a flat roof with a domelight. Strip windows warrant sufficient natural lighting. Industrial flooring prevents wear and tear. The exits for the postmen lead directly to the parking spaces in front of the delivery bases. Seven further delivery bases are currently being planned. They will serve the local populations of four towns in Upper Austria and three towns in Salzburg. In addition, an existing delivery base in Upper Austria will be expanded.